February 2008 Outing
By Frank Caccavo Sr.

     Our February rally brought us to Rally Park at Lazy Days in Seffner, Florida.  We had 16 coaches in
attendance and since this was our Friendship Rally we had 5 friends with S.O.B.   This rally was hosted
by our Honeoye, N.Y. group of the Haywards, Wards and Chrismans.  This was their first time hosting and
they did a great job. 
      Sunday February 4 was our first day and most of us arrived early and began setting up, this was Super
Bowl Sunday and we couldnít wait for the game to begin.  We had our usual attitude adjustment and began
teasing each other as to who was going to win.  You see, we have some devoted Patriot fans from Mass. and
some really great fans from New York who were still clinging to the notion that the Giants could win.  That
evening we all got together at Bob Cookís coach to watch the game.  I have been watching football for 55 years,
and a Giant fan for all of it, and that was one of the best experiences Iíve ever had.  What with all the jabs at
each other and the closeness of the game ( and the Giants winning ) we all had a great time. 
     Monday morning we were on our own to get the free breakfast Lazy Days provides and then  inspect all
the new coaches they have.  I tell you if you are looking for a new coach, Lazy Days is the place to see
Whatís our there.  They have such a large array of all kinds of coaches.  That afternoon we had attitude
adjustment with the full compliment of our membership and guests.  President Emil Gaudet introduced our
guests Charlie & Phyllis Mantie, Benny & Linda Green, Jeff & Eileen Huff, Bob & Shirley Connors,
Charlie & Sheila Wilkins, we welcomed them all.  Emil then  introduced our Eastern WIT Reps Dick -Miki
Dodge who each gave a little talk about what they were doing.  Emil then introduced Don & Linda Tuzzlo
who are the Presidents of the state Winnie Gators.  They explained how the state chapter was doing some
nice things  and encouraged us to come join them.  That evening our hosts provided a special Hot Dog  &
bean dinner from Rochester, N.Y.  Many of us provided additional sides and a great time was had by all.
Later that evening we were able to get together to play our old card game of screw your neighbor.  We
have not been able to at the last rally so it was a lot of fun, which we all missed.
      Tuesday morning brought a free breakfast again and more coaches.  Our Hosts tried to set up a tour of
Dade City.  However, they refused to come and get us with a bus.  With such a large group the 45-mile
drive was not an option.  We decide to pass on it.  Our hosts our to be commended for a valiant effort.
Tuesday evening our hosts set up a dinner at Sam Seltzerís famous steak house in Brandon, Fl. We all
arrived on time except the Chonoloes & Levines.  Apparently Dave listened to his GPS and got lost for 20
minutes.  They eventually showed up and received a great deal friendly ribbing.  The meal was great and we
stayed a long time enjoying it.  It was too late for cards so off to bed it was.
      Wednesday morning, after breakfast, we all got together for a little talk from SkyMed.  Many of our
members already belong so many of us werenít to interested.  However, we were courteous
and listened anyway.  We then had our monthly meeting.  Lunch was available for free from Lazy Days or
we could go out on our own.  Later that day most of us went to Parksdale Farm Market.  This is the home of
the World Famous Strawberry Shortcake.  Later at attitude adjustment we found out that one of our most
senior members Fran & Chuck Askew bought a new coach.  Many of us were surprised but extremely happy
for them.  This means they still like us and want to hang out with us.  That evening we played cards again at
the clubhouse.
      Thursday morning the Haywards, Wards and Chrismans provided a great continental breakfast of juice,
coffee and many sweets that were delicious.  After about an hour of eating and talking we began our hugs
and goodbyes.  We all wished each other a safe trip home.  See next month at the State Rally.
Emil Gaudet 863-420-3149