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Visitors Center  641-585-6936
Customer Service  641-585-6860 

WIT Club Staff & Brand Licensing Staff

Front row: left to right: Denise Yeager, Pam Urbatsch, & Brynn Daniels
Back Row left to right: Abby Harriman, Melissa Kearney & Heidi Nyhus

Denise Yeager
Consumer Engagement Manager
Winnebago Industries/ WIT Club


Stewart & Tammy Smith
Eastern Area Representatives
Stewart: 240-538-3369
Tammy: 240-538-3370

Patrick & Janet Wright
Central Area Representatives
Patrick: 405-641-9057
Janet: 405-620-7871

Butch & Becky Moore
Western Area Representatives
Butch: 269-615-7049
Becky: 269-615-7050

Heidi Nyhus
WIT Club Coordindator



Brynn Daniels
WIT Membership & Marketing Specialist
Club News Editor

FAX 641-585-6703

Submit your chapter and club reports, Who's Inviting schedules, anniversaries, memorials and state rally information by e-mail at
or mail to P.O. Box 268
Forest City, IA  50436-0268

You may also fax the information to 641-585-6703